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The bicycle festival "The Day of 1000 bikers" in Ufa

Preparation. Obstacles. Decisions. Festival.
20th of May - The bicycle festival "The Day of 1000 bikers" in Ufa

First coordination meeting was at last days of February.

Be based on last year experience, we decide to change concept of this holiday and to turn it to The Open Festival of bicycling sport and to make it cheerful leisure time for people who even have never known what cycling is.

Every activist from our community VELOUFA.RU, who come to the coordination meeting, took one of duties.

Stas Syrygin - partnership with goverment agencies

Alexsey Tihomirov - partnership with STSI; printing indusrty; parade and controlling the bikers file

Vitaliy Zemlyanoy - cross country, figures competition and racing

Alexandr Fillipov - downhill, street BMX, street MTB, trial competitions

Regina Bilalova (me) - PR and MSM

Anna Platonova - participant registration

After the first coordination meeting, we still have a lot of open matters (acoustics, scene, supporting, presents, tenders and games). When work with press-releases, annonces and official documents had done, another work began. There were started long conversation with The City Administration, dialogs with sponsors searching Informing partners, on-line PR, forming buying list and etc.

Over the course of time more and more volunteers joined to help with organisation.

I want to mark people, who made invaluable contribution and helped in lots of little matters.

Dinara and Anton - the emcees of tenders and games

Kamilla - work with kids

Matvey and Artur - building constructions for street competitions

Tatyana - registration and refereeing

Maksim - all matters with acoustic and scene

Many other volunteers also helped for everyone of this guys. We are all respect and appreciate them very mich!

At the day of festival there are began the test of all ideas and level of preparations.
We opened The registartion for one hour early, because we were very worry not to be in time according the reglament.

Everything were going so fast and already after one hour there heppened one little embarrassment - the bicycle numbers had done.

Among the register participants were delegates from different cities: Ufa, Sterlitamak, Neftekamsk and Asha.

All registrated participants were more than 1300.

There also were honourable delegation, including the president of Bashkortostan Republic - Hamitov R.Z. and the leader of Ufa city - Yalalov I.I.

The president of Bashkortostan Republic Hamitov Rustem Zakievich opened the festival with short and alive speech about healthy lifestyle and also made a note about profit of using bicycle.

After that, all participants breaked in to column. More than 1300 people for 10 minuts (It was a record!). Start!

The parade was going 10 km and 45 minutes.

Pedastians were smiling, flaring and applouding for us.

After parade near the Kongress Building festival competitions and games were opened and all participants straggled off for difference spots.

Our sponsors:

The video "Parade"

The video "Extreme"

version in russian
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